Friday, July 31, 2009


Sometime ago I read an article that I thought might be of interest to the visitors to my blog.

In this article they say that when you walk with bare feet, it makes you part of the global electrical circuit.It goes on to explain how the natural electrons on the earth's crust plays a vital role in the lives of everyone on earth.

The scientists who have done the primary research on this revels that this can improve energy, enhance recovery, improve sleep, relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and restore normal biological rhythms.

They say, the reason why people who walk bare foot on the beach or in the park feel good after a walk,is because the earth's free electrons are antioxidants and they neutralize free radicals.

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Monday, April 13, 2009



I came across an article by David Brawner which I felt would be of use to most of the over fifties. Rather than trying to explain everything I thought of reproducing it here for the benefit of everyone who visits this blog. Here it is.

Did you all know that fat cells are necessary for a healthy body? They provide cushioning, insulation, protection, store energy, and a host of other functions required to sustain life.
First thing you need to change is thinking that FAT is your enemy! FAT is your friend...
Dave, are you CRAZY!
No, but the problem is EXCESS fat, not FAT itself. So the question is; How did we get so much excess FAT on/in our body?
Baring genetics, or some physical anomaly that belongs on House, we gained excess fat because our body was doing exactly what it was designed to do... protect us from the environment.

You see, the body tries to maintain a very delicate pH balance in order to function efficiently and properly. Let's just say that pH is the acid/alkaline ratio in the blood and tissues.
Scientist have kept chicken hearts beating for YEARS on a jar solely by providing a proper pH in the fluid surrounding the heart. That's all the muscles and tissue cells required to continue functioning indefinitely. The experiment was eventually ended because there was no evidence the heart was showing signs of deterioration or slowing down.
So what's this got to do with us being FAT?
There are many ways our blood becomes too acidic. Every cell in your body produces acid wastes in the normal course of business. Add stress, and some dietary acids, and the blood quickly becomes too acidic.
It's the Liver's job to keep our blood clean and at the proper pH to sustain life. It has ONLY two ways to accomplish this. It can convert the acidic, toxic substances into harmless compounds that the body can safely use or excrete, OR, it can store the little buggers away until it has what it needs to process them.
Did the light come on? Yes, the liver stashes these toxins and acids in fat cells were the can't hurt us... At least not right away but the Liver doesn't know that.
Don't believe me? Try fasting long enough that the body resorts to using fat stores for energy. You'll feel the effects of those toxins being released immediately. Headaches, stiffness, skin rashes and breakouts, bad breath, you name it.
So, to recap, we produce acidic toxins every day just walking around being human beings. In a perfect world, with good nutrition, the Liver has everything it needs to adequately convert these wastes, and allow the body to get rid of them.
But alas, we eat too much processed food, our unprocessed food supply has been grown in nutrient depleted soil filled with pesticides, we consume huge quantities of artificial compounds such as food colorings, sweeteners, preservatives, drugs, you name it.

May I give you an example?
Let's say your blood is already acidic due to the stuff you eat, but you're trying, you're eating plenty of fresh vegetables and such. Then go and refresh yourself with a diet coke.
The carbonation (carbolic acid), being a gas, goes immediately into your blood stream from your intestines. Major acid spike! On top of that the artificial sweetener makes its way into the blood and the Liver says "What the --- is that!"
Either way, since it's on overload already, the only choice your poor Liver has is to pack that sh!t off to another fat cell.
OK Dave, but I don't drink sodas and I exercise religiously, but still can't get rid of the extra weight!
Exercise speeds up your metabolism. The harder your cells work to meet your demands, the more toxic wastes they pump into your blood.
It's not unlike you car engine... step on the gas and you get more exhaust along with the extra speed.
What is your post exercise routine to deal with that? Betcha never even thought about it before now, huh?
Your body wants to maintain a certain muscle/fat ratio. I don't know what your set point is, but I'm pretty sure it's probably not what your body fat % is right now.
The only way your body can maintain what it needs, the only way it was designed to do it, is to maintain a proper pH.
If anyone's interested, I can shed some light (and pounds) on the subject of blood pH in another post. It's incredibly easy and incredibly effective.
Why haven't you heard about it? Because it's cheap and the pharma's can't make money on it.
So now you know why you get FAT, and why you have trouble losing it!

David Brawner, PMP

David Brawner has left a comment in my blog, which I would like to post here.

Good information about the BCM. I agree with everything you said about the benefits as the machine promotes circulation of not only blood, but the interstitial fluids that surround all our cells.

However, the comment on needing more oxygen is misleading.

Yes we need oxygen to be sure, but it has to be deliverable to our muscles and cells via the blood. Too much oxygen and we find accumulations of "free radicals" that can cause all sorts of trouble. Those are the things for which we take "anti-oxidants".

Free radicals are associated with heart disease and cancers

The short retort is that it's more important to get rid of acidic toxins than get more oxygen, and your BCM machine helps to do just that.

Dave - theSolutionGuy

Please go to the following sites for more information.

Posts on Health,weight, and pH at and

So, now we know why we are not losing weight.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I thought of talking about exercising for good health, as my topic for today. From the time I started schooling, I was constantly exposed to exercise. The teachers called this by other names such as, play time, physical training, sports etc. But they all meant the same thing. EXERCISE!

However as I grew older, I had less and less time to exercise, as studies took precedence over everything else. Lucky for me that T.V. and computers, came after my course of studies finished! Now of course, after 15 minutes on my BCM, I relax in front of the T.V. or read a good book. There was a time when I was growing up, that I used to go for a walk with my parents, every night after dinner. It is sad to say that I never got the opportunity to do this with my kids, when they were growing up. They always preferred to stay in to play video games, be on the computer or watch T.V.

The key element in attaining and maintaining good health is Oxygen. The most effective way to acquire a sufficient amount of oxygen is by exercising. Good health depends very much upon the efficiency of oxygen intake by the body. Doctors and alternative medicine practitioners agree that good blood circulation is an important criterion for good health, because more oxygen is carried to all parts of the body, and all the cells are oxygenated.

The BCM helps to exercise in a very advanced manner [without having to jog or run or walk for miles till we get all sweaty and exhausted], just by standing on it for 15 minutes. The BCM is based on three things. 1st it produces acupressure.2nd circulates the blood by vibration. 3rd it massages. There are a number of nerve endings in the soles of our feet which are connected to the brain through the nervous system. It is on record that these nerves can be stimulated by pressure. The BCM does exactly that! It stimulates the brain through the nerve endings in the feet, by acupressure.

In the leaflet about the BCM, they have mentioned a number of health benefits to using this machine. Improving blood circulation, supplementing the lack of exercise, removal of waste products, helping in providing maximum oxygen to the lungs there by improving energy levels by oxygenating the cells, and improving the immune system. The leaflet lists much more benefits that can be gained by using the BCM machine.
I believe that it is due to the above, that my cholesterol is maintained at a low level, and I have more energy to do whatever I want to, without feeling tired or run down, even at my age.

The BCM can be used even by young people, but there is a category of people named in the leaflet, who should not use the apparatus. They are, 1] Women in menstruation, at the time of use. 2] Varicose Veins in severe stage. 3] Uncontrolled high blood pressure. 4] Pregnancy. 5] High Fever. 6] Infectious Skin Diseases. 7] Bleeding Piles. 8] Kidney Failure in Dialysis. 9] Blood leakage in any part of the body including the brain. 10] Cancer. 11] Patients using Pacemaker or any external objects inside the body, including screws, plates, mesh etc. 12] Women who are wanting to get pregnant.

Note: This apparatus is used only to improve the good health and living of the user. For any further uses or benefits, please consult a doctor or a medically qualified professional before use.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Let me introduce myself. I am a 65 year old, busy housewife, with grown up children. Although I do not go out to work, I find it extremely difficult to go out to a gym on a regular basis. If for some reason I could not visit the gym for a couple of days, I found it very difficult to motivate myself to start again. But now, even without hours of strenuous exercise, I have no problems with cholesterol, diabetes or heart problems. I know that most people of my age or younger, have one, two or all of the above problems. I would like to share a personal story with you.

A few years back I too was heading in the same direction. I used to check my cholesterol once a year. Over the years I found that it was gradually creeping up. I wasn’t worried as the readings were still within the normal range.

About a year ago, I found that my cholesterol level was right at the top of the normal range. This was after exercising for about half an hour to forty five minutes on the treadmill daily, and cutting down on fats and oils.

It was at this point that I decided to pay a visit to my doctor. Taking my age into consideration, he advised me to get my cholesterol level down, and prescribed the usual drugs.

I did purchase the drugs, but I was rather reluctant to take them as I had heard about the side effects of these drugs. I thought that I could wait a little longer until the level went above the normal range. Well, that’s typical me!

Couple of days later, I ran into a friend of mine who has had cholesterol and diabetes for quite some time. When I told her that my cholesterol level was rising, she told me about this small exercise machine she uses, which helps in stimulating the nerve endings of the feet, just by standing on it for a few minutes every day. She told me, she felt so much better now, and advised me to get one too. This machine is called the BCM. With minimal effort, it gives the same benefits as jogging for 5Kms. For people like me, who can’t find the time to go out and jog, this is an ideal piece of equipment. It is very small and can be stored conveniently anywhere. I find it extremely useful, as I don’t even have to get into my gym suit, or wear running shoes! All I have to do is stand on my bare feet on the machine for 15 minutes per day.I have been using this machine for the last 5 months and you won't believe what my cholesterol level is now!

I am a person who doesn’t like to breath in vehicle fumes in the polluted air around the places we usually go jogging. It suites me fine to go on this machine, in the comfort of my home, without breathing polluted air, while having to spend only 15 minutes of my time, per day, which I can easily afford to do. It does not matter what time of day or night, rain or too much sun, you can be indoors, with the fan or A/C on, and have your 15 minutes of exercise!

For further clarification or information about my personal experience, please feel free to contact me through my Email ( or leave a comment on this blog.

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I thought of sharing information about this wonderful health machine with you, as I am sure you would be interested to know how to stay healthy even at the age of 65.

I wish you a long and healthy life.